The caricatures are fully customizable and you can be drawn with any setting and details you would like
What we need is a head-shot picture of you and a brief description of how you would like to be drawn

Wearing blue business suite with white shirt and black shoes. The caricature will be used on my Twitter page and blog.
Working on my laptop dressed in a dark business suite with a white shirt and a purple tie. On the business cards (see it here) I also want some social media icons
Scott as the Incredible (from Disney Pixar). We would like Scott to be holding a Belgian waffle with powdered sugar and down the front of him (it happened in Belgium).
We would like to use this on our dealership website and marketing materials. We want to be dressed like in the “Starsky And Hutch” movie poster.
I would like the logo to show me with Ziggy
in a circle along with the business name and
printed on the door hangers along with the
text submitted by email and all my contact
information at the bottom

Please make my husband’s shirt light blue and make my shirt grey. My black sweater can remain black. I am approximately 5 months pregnant so we would like to make sure that the caricature emphasizes that.
Radio host of a show called “The Sports Yapp” – I need a logo for the show. I should wear a golden Polo shirt and a radio microphone will also be seen in the logo.
We use the services of Caricature Online and have found them to be responsible and caring. We have been more than satisfied with the results and with the speed at which they are done. You can navigate to to see how we use them there.

We’d like for him to be singing, but kinda looking like Elvis. Maybe with an Elvis outfit under his doctor coat and with a microphone.
“She is the ‘Credit Repair Queen’ as seen on our website

Your caricatures are just so darn adorable and really help pull things together for our events! Everyone that sees them are just amazed by your work. I’ve worked so hard trying to help the Humane Society get a new home and I can’t tell you how much I personally appreciate your help, and I know the Humane Society board does too!

I would like to be wearing a strapless form fitting (mermaid style) wedding dress, a white flower in my hair, and holding a bouquet of Cala Lilies…I would Like John to be wearing a Black and White Tuxedo and there to be a little heart above our heads.

I just wanted to write and let you know that the picture was a big success. Joanne loved it as well as did everyone else who viewed it. Trust me I have given you website out to many since they saw the picture so I am sure more business will be coming your way. Thank you for working with me and I wish you a Happy Holiday. Charlie Schein –